We will create a Christmas atmosphere in your home or office. Let's convey the spirit of Christmas and the feeling of a holidays fairy tale together
Creating a Christmas tree theme and selecting the color scheme of the decoration in harmonious unity with the interior design.

New Year's - Christmas atmosphere on a turnkey basis.

I will implement creative and extravagant options at the request of the customer
Selection of New Year and Christmas decor to order
Contact me, specify your wishes, features - and I will select the best elements of Christmas decor for the Christmas tree and/or interior for you or your loved ones.
Important advantages for you
My works speak better than any words, visit my portfolio and subscribe to my Instagram, but still three main points:
  • Individuality
    Work exactly for your design project and interior
  • Exclusive
    Paintings as decorative elements are unique
  • High-quality materials
    I work only with proven materials
Order the service of decorating a Christmas tree, shop window, or interior.
Please fill out the form and I will contact you as soon as possible. You can also write to me on social networks or in mobile messengers.
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