Hi! I am an artist - designer - decorator. I live and create in France, Belgium, Ukraine and other European countries. I create exclusive paintings - panels for the interior, as well as help with the completion and decoration of apartments, houses, restaurants and offices.
I am an interior designer, graduated from the European School of Design, and I am fond of interior abstract painting. Each painting for me is a separate story that I create based on the wishes of the customer in accordance with the color scheme of the interior. I am constantly interested in modern trends and tendencies in the world of design, so consultations on interior decoration and selection of interior items have become my second passion. I help to fit paintings and other decorative items into the interior, choose a color palette, play with and fill the room with coziness, beauty and harmony.
Main directions
Interior paintings
I will create the painting of your dreams. I choose the size and color scheme that allows you to integrate the painting into the interior 100%.
Redesign of the room
I refresh, transform and add charm to your interior. I give a new life to an outdated space or an annoying arrangement of things.
Consultations on decor
I select decorative items and accessories in any style, according to the budget. I create compositions from decorative elements and integrate them into the interior.
Interior furnishing
I will fill your home project with the necessary items. I will select and search for individual items needed to create a harmonious, complete space.
Interior gifts
I will create or help you choose a unique gift for your loved ones and friends for a holiday or housewarming.
Gift certificate
You can order a certificate as a gift for your friends for any of my services.
Holiday themes
Preparing interiors for the New Year and Christmas holidays. Decorating a Christmas tree in harmony with your interior.
Interior paintings to order
Contact me, specify your wishes, features - and I will create a unique exclusive work for your interior or as a gift to your loved ones
Important advantages for you
My works speak better than any words, visit my portfolio and subscribe to my Instagram, but still three main points:
  • Individuality
    Work exactly for your design project and interior
  • Exclusive
    Paintings as decorative elements are unique
  • High-quality materials
    I work only with proven materials
Order an interior painting or decorator service
Please fill out the form and I will contact you as soon as possible. You can also write to me on social media for mobile communication.
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